Saturday, April 10, 2010

We love dogs

In this life I think there are either dog people or cat people. We are dog. Our collection of small white dogs gives us so much joy. They are worth the messes, hair everywhere, and vet bills. Look at Paris' eyes. How could you not love her, even when she runs on the road and stops traffic and shames your dog parenting in front of your neighbours?


  1. 'dog parenting' LOL. So true. We have two little dogs (rat terriers) who embarrass us all the time. Only our Doberman (a big sweetheart with no malice) behaves appropriately.

  2. Amy, We said a tearful goodbye to our 13 yr old Chihuahua this morning, not knowing if she would come home from the vet. She's home, snapping at the other dogs, refusing her medicine and generally showing us who is boss. She may weigh less than 5 lbs but she runs the house and costs us plenty.

    We share you joy and shame!