Saturday, December 10, 2011

Knitting for my niece

I found the pattern at Rhythm of  the Home after seeing it on Ravelry.  I just happened to have some cashmere from my trip to Taos that is exactly like the one at Rhythm. This pair is knitted on size 4 needles following the pattern exactly.  The buttons are recycled from an old linen blouse of mine.

In a hurry to make some last minute gifts for my nieces I found this version at Urban Gypsy, which is simpler.  These are made on size 7 needles with no garter stitches for the 'placket' or the hem (hence the rolling).  

We decided the ribbing needed to be longer, for extra warmth. They are as yet buttonless.  The yarn is Patons lace sequin from Hobby Lobby.  It's got mohair for fluff AND sequins, so it's perfect for a teenage girl.  

One niece down, two to go.

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