Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to design costumes for your school musical Part 3

Designing costumes for a play or musical will take up so much more time than you might think. It will also take up a huge amount of space.

When I first said, 'yes' to our musical I went straight upstairs to my sewing room and started de-cluttering. Confession time--I am not very good at de-cluttering.  However, the sewing room is in pretty good shape now, if I keep the cupboard doors closed.  I am careful to clean up as I go, so that it never gets too bad, but there are lots of bags lined up on the periphery.  Most of them are labeled, which helps.

Musical costume clutter is like the Blob.  It takes over and spreads mercilessly.  My car, our stairs, my side of the sofa.

I have been fortunate enough to have a little room at school.  Each actor and dancer have a (recycled photocopy paper) box with a lid and their name on it.  A couple of the principle actors have bigger, green A3 paper boxes.  Not all of the costumes will fit in the box, but I am thinking smaller items can stay there. One thing I am desperate for is a proper clothes rack.  The one in the photo is only high enough for a garment like a top or skirt.  Nothing full-length.  The situation will be dire very soon.

Tutu skirts and the like might be transported in those huge stripey bags or even garbage bags.  So far my Quadlings' skirts and Poppies' skirts are one size fits all.  That will save confusion backstage, right?

Next I might write about organizing a sewing bee.  Or sewing a specific garment or maybe something else...


  1. Hi DeLynne, it looks as if you are very organized! What an interesting job that you have. I enjoy sewing, but don' think that I could do it full time. I bet they all appreciate you so much!

  2. Organised clutter doesn't really count as clutter, does it?

    Are you considering heading in the diy blogger route? That would be so cool!

  3. Kathy, Actually I am a part time teacher at the school. Now I am sewing full time. Ironic, eh? I am enjoying it so far...

    Lesa, My friend Flylady says you can't organize clutter. But it does make it more tolerable. And right now I am just posting about this because I really would have liked to find more info when I started. Maybe I'll head the diy way... depends on how the costumes turn out.

  4. Hi, girlie! Thanks for the sweet comment! Happy Easter, too, and hope you'll link up tonight at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)