Monday, May 17, 2010

RIP Missy

About 12 years ago a friend picked up Missy for us at a garage sale. She came with a name, a bed and a blanket. Today we buried her in that blanket. First thing she did was bite Izzy's finger, who said in her toddler voice, 'Missy bite de pinur.' And that became one of those family catch phrases. Since garage sales have a no return policy we kept her, and have loved her ever since.

There's not a dog loving friend of ours who hasn't had Missy on their lap. Missy never met a lap she didn't like. She would spend hours at a bbq or dinner party quietly snuggled into someone. She also never met a child's hand she wouldn't snap, so we tried to keep them separated.

Over the years, she and Izzy built up a beautiful relationship, as you see in the first photo. Every morning Izzy would let her out, then spend a pleasant half hour before the rest of the family got up. With Missy on her lap, or in cold weather, tucked into her dressing gown, they would read or do homework at the table. Missy even began to enjoy Dellylu's company.

Despite Paris Hilton appearances, this was no mere lapdog. No, Missy was a valiant Chihuahua, falling one story with nothing more than a cut lip, surviving a deadly tick or two, eating copious amounts of Easter chocolate with no ill effect, and finding time to kill the odd chicken.

But our laps will be very cold...

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  1. Aww-- so sorry-- what wonderful memories of your little doggie. And I don't blame her one bit for killing the odd chicken-- who wants an odd chicken around anyway.